Crystalens and Trulign IOL: These implant lenses are the only FDA approved accommodating intraocular implant lenses. The Trulign is the toric version (fixes larger amounts of astigmatism) of the Crystalens; they both work the same way. These lenses are able to move a little bit inside the eye, allowing patients to have a bigger range of vision without glasses compared to standard or standard toric lenses. They are not, however, good enough to go all the way from perfect distance to perfect reading vision, but are generally quite good at giving two out of three distances without glasses. As a result, after both eyes are done, we are generally able to get quite good distance and intermediate vision, and 50% of patients do not need reading glasses. These lenses are also less prone than most standard lenses to optical aberrations including edge glare and night time optical aberrations. There are additional fees for the Trulign and Crystalens, and those additional fees include a LASIK or PRK touch up within the first year if the target of good distance vision is not achieved. It is impossible to achieve excellent distance vision in all cases because of the biology of human variation, so missing the intended target is possible with all types of implant lenses, and can be fixed with glasses, contact lenses, or laser vision correction with LASIK or PRK.

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IT WAS PERFECT! Three simple words that sum up the outcome of a remarkable experience. From the moment I was prepped for cataract surgery in November, from the time I was measured and examined by your wonderful staff, and from my first meeting with you, I knew I was in excellent hands from the surgical procedure you were going to perform on my eyes.
~ Vin Scully
Is cataract surgery just a routine operation these days? I needed cataract surgery and Peter Cornell was very highly recommended, so I went to him. Modern technology has made this surgery almost routine, but eyes are highly individual, so be careful! Careful I was in choosing Dr. Cornell, and careful he was in treating my case.
~ Barry Barish
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