iStent is the smallest FDA-approved medical device ever implanted in the human body! It is 20,000 times smaller than the intraocular lens (IOL) used to replace a patient’s cataracts. iStent Trabecular Micro-Bypass Stent works exactly like the stents used to prevent heart attacks and strokes; when blood vessels get clogged, a stent creates access for blood flow.

Controlling eye pressure is an extremely important factor in reducing the risk of vision loss due to glaucoma. The iStent Trabecular Micro-Bypass Stent is indicated for use in conjunction with cataract surgery for the reduction of intraocular pressure in adult patients with mild-to-moderate open-angle glaucoma. iStent is an FDA-approved device for the treatment of mild-to-moderate open-angle glaucoma.

Treating Cataracts & Managing Glaucoma

iStent is placed in your eye during cataract surgery and is so small that you won’t be able to see or feel it after the procedure is over. iStent is designed to create a permanent opening in your trabecular meshwork, and works continuously to improve the outflow of fluid from your eyes to help control eye pressure. For patients with combined cataract and open-angle glaucoma, iStent reduces intraocular pressure.

Before Surgery

You should continue using any prescribed eye drops until surgery, unless otherwise directed. One of our eye doctors will review your current medications to make sure everything is safe to take before the procedure; this is particularly important if you take blood thinners. Bring a list of your current medications as well as a brief medical history to your consultation appointment.

After Surgery

Because iStent is an outpatient procedure, people can often return home the same day. Post-procedure precautions are usually short-term. Some of these include:

  • Your eye may be covered by a shield that you can remove the next morning
  • Use antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops for the next four to six weeks
  • See your ophthalmologist the following day
  • Refrain from strenuous activities such as sports, weight lifting or anything that will increase your eye pressure for two weeks

Though recovery time is rapid, we may recommend that you take a full week off from work, so please plan accordingly with your employer. Though complications are rare, we strongly recommend that you follow the above precautions to ensure the best possible results.

Benefits of iStent Trabecular Micro-Bypass Stent Goniotomy

Some benefits of iStent Trabecular Micro-Bypass implants include:

  • Spares important eye tissue often damaged by traditional glaucoma surgeries
  • FDA-approved device with a similar safety profile to cataract surgery
  • Does not limit treatment options that might help maintain your vision in the future
  • Has a very short recovery time
  • Many patients have been able to discontinue glaucoma drops after iStent surgery
  • Patients will no longer have to wait until glaucoma has advanced far enough to warrant a more aggressive and complicated extra-scleral drainage surgery
  • Medicare administrative contractors cover this procedure when medically necessary

In addition, patients can expect an improvement in their quality of life with iStent Trabecular Micro-Bypass, as it helps to eliminate or reduce glaucoma medications. Big changes in eye pressure can increase your risk for vision loss. Trabecular Micro-Bypass also helps curb potential complications from more invasive glaucoma surgery and may reduce the negative impact of surgical treatment on your quality of life.

Are you a good candidate for iStent Trabecular Micro-Bypass or goniotomy? You are likely a candidate for iStent if you suffer from both glaucoma and cataracts or if you are scheduled to have cataract surgery and are currently taking one or more medications to lower your eye pressure. We can discuss if iStent is right for you. We offer this leading-edge procedure for patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Culver City, Santa Monica and closoe-by communities.

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IT WAS PERFECT! Three simple words that sum up the outcome of a remarkable experience. From the moment I was prepped for cataract surgery in November, from the time I was measured and examined by your wonderful staff, and from my first meeting with you, I knew I was in excellent hands from the surgical procedure you were going to perform on my eyes.
~ Vin Scully
Is cataract surgery just a routine operation these days? I needed cataract surgery and Peter Cornell was very highly recommended, so I went to him. Modern technology has made this surgery almost routine, but eyes are highly individual, so be careful! Careful I was in choosing Dr. Cornell, and careful he was in treating my case.
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